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About Us

My journey began a little over 12 years ago when I noticed a need for a support based contractor to team up with larger contractors that needed assistance on projects.  The main need was an industrial company that understood the oil, gas, and electric specifications, as well as, insurance requirements and safety needs.  A company that would be able to provide quality work, and one that has obtained the WBE, DBE, BEP, SBSP and WOSB certifications.  This led to forming MAC Industrial Services, Inc. which is a 100% owned women business enterprise.

I have been in this industry for over 35 years.  Along the way, I have served as a labor, welders’ helper, truck driver, office manager, project management and then safety director.  This has allowed me to have an understanding of the contracting business from different views and perspectives.   There has been challenges, as there is in any business, but with all these challenges, they have paved the way to a good solid company.  MAC has put together a team of individuals that are strong, resilient, and adaptable.  Individuals that provide our clients with exceptional skills, work ethics, and innovative ideas. 


What separates us from our competitors, is that when you hire MAC, you not only get our services, but a team of fully committed individuals willing to go the extra mile for a job well done.  MAC has adapted a saying that one of our employees once said to me, when we ride, we ride for the brand!

Nikki Doane
President / Owner
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