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We Ride for the Brand


We are a well equipped and staffed union shop with the ability to not only
provide the services listed below, but many more! Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have the ability to perform client specific training and services.


A long history of completed projects in a wide variety of scopes and difficulties allows us to bring added value to your next project.



Over the last 10 years MAC has created a tried and true safety program that not only promotes safe working practices, but a culture and mindset of safety as well.


A Little Bit About Us

MAC Industrial Services is a dual certified and diversity driven woman owned business that offers real value to your projects. We provide quality services, and also provide those services while maintaining professional and respectable conduct at all times.

How To Reach Us

MAC Industrial Services, Inc.

604 N Main St. Suite 1

Rochelle, IL 61068

Phone: (815) 222-1342


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